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In general, tests should be added within a tests/ folder alongside the modules they are testing.

Unit tests cover modular logic that does not require calls to outside APIs.

If you add new logic, please add a unit test. Unit tests should be called *.test.ts.

To run only unit tests, run:

yarn test

Running a single test

To run a single test, run the following from within a workspace:

yarn test:single /path/to/yourtest.test.ts

This is useful for developing individual features.

Integration tests cover logic that requires making calls to outside APIs (often integration with other services).

If you add support for a new external API, please add a new integration test. Integration tests should be called *.int.test.ts.

Note that most integration tests require credentials or other setup. You will likely need to set up a langchain/.env or libs/langchain-community/.env file like the example here.

We generally recommend only running integration tests with yarn test:single, but if you want to run all integration tests, run:

yarn test:integration

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