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Mixedbread AI reranking


This guide will help you integrate and use the Mixedbread AI reranking API. The reranking API allows you to reorder a list of documents based on a given query, improving the relevance of search results or any ranked list.


To get started, install the @langchain/mixedbread-ai package:

npm install @langchain/mixedbread-ai


Obtain your API key by signing up at Mixedbread AI. You can then set the MXBAI_API_KEY environment variable to your Mixedbread AI API key or pass it directly as the apiKey option when constructing the class.

Using Reranking​

The MixedbreadAIReranker class provides access to the reranking API. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Import the Class: First, import the MixedbreadAIReranker class from the package.
import { MixedbreadAIReranker } from "@langchain/mixedbread-ai";
  1. Instantiate the Class: Create an instance of MixedbreadAIReranker with your API key.
const reranker = new MixedbreadAIReranker({ apiKey: "your-api-key" });
  1. Rerank Documents: Use the rerankDocuments method to reorder documents based on a query.
const documents = [
{ pageContent: "To bake bread you need flour" },
{ pageContent: "To bake bread you need yeast" },
{ pageContent: "To eat bread you need nothing but good taste" },
const query = "What do you need to bake bread?";
const result = await reranker.compressDocuments(documents, query);

Additional Resources​

For more information, refer to the Reranking API documentation.

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