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Split by character

This is the simplest method. This splits based on characters (by default "\n\n") and measure chunk length by number of characters.

  1. How the text is split: by single character
  2. How the chunk size is measured: by number of characters


Besides the RecursiveCharacterTextSplitter, there is also the more standard CharacterTextSplitter. This splits only on one type of character (defaults to "\n\n"). You can use it in the exact same way.

import { Document } from "langchain/document";
import { CharacterTextSplitter } from "langchain/text_splitter";

const text = "foo bar baz 123";
const splitter = new CharacterTextSplitter({
separator: " ",
chunkSize: 7,
chunkOverlap: 3,
const output = await splitter.createDocuments([text]);

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