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Hi! Thanks for being here. We’re lucky to have a community of so many passionate developers building with LangChain–we have so much to teach and learn from each other. Community members contribute code, host meetups, write blog posts, amplify each other’s work, become each other's customers and collaborators, and so much more.

Whether you’re new to LangChain, looking to go deeper, or just want to get more exposure to the world of building with LLMs, this page can point you in the right direction.

  • 🦜 Contribute to LangChain

  • 🌍 Meetups, Events, and Hackathons

  • 📣 Help Us Amplify Your Work

  • 💬 Stay in the loop

🦜 Contribute to LangChain

LangChain is the product of over 5,000+ contributions by 1,500+ contributors, and there is still so much to do together. Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Open a pull request: we’d appreciate all forms of contributions–new features, infrastructure improvements, better documentation, bug fixes, etc. If you have an improvement or an idea, we’d love to work on it with you.
  • Read our contributor guidelines: We ask contributors to follow a "fork and pull request" workflow, run a few local checks for formatting, linting, and testing before submitting, and follow certain documentation and testing conventions.
  • Become an expert: our experts help the community by answering product questions in Discord. If that’s a role you’d like to play, we’d be so grateful! (And we have some special experts-only goodies/perks we can tell you more about). Send us an email to introduce yourself at and we’ll take it from there!
  • Integrate with LangChain: if your product integrates with LangChain–or aspires to–we want to help make sure the experience is as smooth as possible for you and end users. Send us an email at and tell us what you’re working on.
    • Become an Integration Maintainer: Partner with our team to ensure your integration stays up-to-date and talk directly with users (and answer their inquiries) in our Discord. Introduce yourself at if you’d like to explore this role.

🌍 Meetups, Events, and Hackathons

One of our favorite things about working in AI is how much enthusiasm there is for building together. We want to help make that as easy and impactful for you as possible!

  • Find a meetup, hackathon, or webinar: you can find the one for you on on our global events calendar.
    • Submit an event to our calendar: email us at with a link to your event page! We can also help you spread the word with our local communities.
  • Host a meetup: If you want to bring a group of builders together, we want to help! We can publicize your event on our event calendar/Twitter, share with our local communities in Discord, send swag, or potentially hook you up with a sponsor. Email us at to tell us about your event!
  • Become a meetup sponsor: we often hear from groups of builders that want to get together, but are blocked or limited on some dimension (space to host, budget for snacks, prizes to distribute, etc.). If you’d like to help, send us an email to we can share more about how it works!
  • Speak at an event: meetup hosts are always looking for great speakers, presenters, and panelists. If you’d like to do that at an event, send us an email to with more information about yourself, what you want to talk about, and what city you’re based in and we’ll try to match you with an upcoming event!
  • Tell us about your LLM community: If you host or participate in a community that would welcome support from LangChain and/or our team, send us an email at and let us know how we can help.

📣 Help Us Amplify Your Work

If you’re working on something you’re proud of, and think the LangChain community would benefit from knowing about it, we want to help you show it off.

  • Post about your work and mention us: we love hanging out on Twitter to see what people in the space are talking about and working on. If you tag @langchainai, we’ll almost certainly see it and can show you some love.
  • Publish something on our blog: if you’re writing about your experience building with LangChain, we’d love to post (or crosspost) it on our blog! E-mail with a draft of your post! Or even an idea for something you want to write about.
  • Get your product onto our integrations hub: Many developers take advantage of our seamless integrations with other products, and come to our integrations hub to find out who those are. If you want to get your product up there, tell us about it (and how it works with LangChain) at

☀️ Stay in the loop

Here’s where our team hangs out, talks shop, spotlights cool work, and shares what we’re up to. We’d love to see you there too.

  • Twitter: we post about what we’re working on and what cool things we’re seeing in the space. If you tag @langchainai in your post, we’ll almost certainly see it, and can snow you some love!
  • Discord: connect with with >30k developers who are building with LangChain
  • GitHub: open pull requests, contribute to a discussion, and/or contribute
  • Subscribe to our bi-weekly Release Notes: a twice/month email roundup of the coolest things going on in our orbit

Help us out by providing feedback on this documentation page: