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Multiple individual files

This example goes over how to load data from multiple file paths. The second argument is a map of file extensions to loader factories. Each file will be passed to the matching loader, and the resulting documents will be concatenated together.

Example files:

├── example.txt
└── example.csv

├── example.json
└── example.jsonl

Example code:

import { MultiFileLoader } from "langchain/document_loaders/fs/multi_file";
import {
} from "langchain/document_loaders/fs/json";
import { TextLoader } from "langchain/document_loaders/fs/text";
import { CSVLoader } from "langchain/document_loaders/fs/csv";

const loader = new MultiFileLoader(
".json": (path) => new JSONLoader(path, "/texts"),
".jsonl": (path) => new JSONLinesLoader(path, "/html"),
".txt": (path) => new TextLoader(path),
".csv": (path) => new CSVLoader(path, "text"),
const docs = await loader.load();
console.log({ docs });

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