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📄️ Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock

Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed support for end-to-end RAG workflow provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides an entire ingestion workflow of converting your documents into embeddings (vector) and storing the embeddings in a specialized vector database. Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock supports popular databases for vector storage, including vector engine for Amazon OpenSearch Serverless, Pinecone, Redis Enterprise Cloud, Amazon Aurora (coming soon), and MongoDB (coming soon).

📄️ Supabase Hybrid Search

Langchain supports hybrid search with a Supabase Postgres database. The hybrid search combines the postgres pgvector extension (similarity search) and Full-Text Search (keyword search) to retrieve documents. You can add documents via SupabaseVectorStore addDocuments function. SupabaseHybridKeyWordSearch accepts embedding, supabase client, number of results for similarity search, and number of results for keyword search as parameters. The getRelevantDocuments function produces a list of documents that has duplicates removed and is sorted by relevance score.