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Azure Blob Storage Container


Only available on Node.js.

This covers how to load a container on Azure Blob Storage into LangChain documents.


To run this loader, you'll need to have Unstructured already set up and ready to use at an available URL endpoint. It can also be configured to run locally.

See the docs here for information on how to do that.

You'll also need to install the official Azure Storage Blob client library:

npm install @azure/storage-blob


Once Unstructured is configured, you can use the Azure Blob Storage Container loader to load files and then convert them into a Document.

import { AzureBlobStorageContainerLoader } from "@langchain/community/document_loaders/web/azure_blob_storage_container";

const loader = new AzureBlobStorageContainerLoader({
azureConfig: {
connectionString: "",
container: "container_name",
unstructuredConfig: {
apiUrl: "http://localhost:8000/general/v0/general",
apiKey: "", // this will be soon required

const docs = await loader.load();


API Reference:

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