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This example goes over how to load data from a Figma file. You will need a Figma access token in order to get started.

import { FigmaFileLoader } from "@langchain/community/document_loaders/web/figma";

const loader = new FigmaFileLoader({
accessToken: "FIGMA_ACCESS_TOKEN", // or load it from process.env.FIGMA_ACCESS_TOKEN
nodeIds: ["id1", "id2", "id3"],
fileKey: "key",
const docs = await loader.load();

console.log({ docs });

API Reference:

You can find your Figma file's key and node ids by opening the file in your browser and extracting them from the URL:<YOUR FILE KEY HERE>/LangChainJS-Test?type=whiteboard&node-id=<YOUR NODE ID HERE>&t=e6lqWkKecuYQRyRg-0

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