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WatsonX AI

LangChain.js supports integration with IBM WatsonX AI. Checkout WatsonX AI for a list of available models.


You will need to set the following environment variables for using the WatsonX AI API.

  1. IBM_CLOUD_API_KEY which can be generated via IBM Cloud
  2. WATSONX_PROJECT_ID which can be found in your project's manage tab

Alternatively, these can be set during the WatsonxAI Class instantiation as ibmCloudApiKey and projectId respectively. For example:

const model = new WatsonxAI({
ibmCloudApiKey: "My secret IBM Cloud API Key"
projectId: "My secret WatsonX AI Project id"


npm install @langchain/community
import { WatsonxAI } from "@langchain/community/llms/watsonx_ai";

// Note that modelParameters are optional
const model = new WatsonxAI({
modelId: "meta-llama/llama-2-70b-chat",
modelParameters: {
max_new_tokens: 100,
min_new_tokens: 0,
stop_sequences: [],
repetition_penalty: 1,

const res = await model.invoke(
"What would be a good company name for a company that makes colorful socks?"

console.log({ res });

API Reference:

  • WatsonxAI from @langchain/community/llms/watsonx_ai

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