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Gmail Tool

The Gmail Tool allows your agent to create and view messages from a linked email account.


You will need to get an API key from Google here and enable the new Gmail API. Then, set the environment variables for GMAIL_CLIENT_EMAIL, and either GMAIL_PRIVATE_KEY, or GMAIL_KEYFILE.

To use the Gmail Tool you need to install the following official peer dependency:

npm install @langchain/openai googleapis @langchain/community


import { initializeAgentExecutorWithOptions } from "langchain/agents";
import { OpenAI } from "@langchain/openai";
import {
} from "@langchain/community/tools/gmail";
import { StructuredTool } from "@langchain/core/tools";

export async function run() {
const model = new OpenAI({
temperature: 0,
apiKey: process.env.OPENAI_API_KEY,

// These are the default parameters for the Gmail tools
// const gmailParams = {
// credentials: {
// clientEmail: process.env.GMAIL_CLIENT_EMAIL,
// privateKey: process.env.GMAIL_PRIVATE_KEY,
// },
// scopes: [""],
// };

// For custom parameters, uncomment the code above, replace the values with your own, and pass it to the tools below
const tools: StructuredTool[] = [
new GmailCreateDraft(),
new GmailGetMessage(),
new GmailGetThread(),
new GmailSearch(),
new GmailSendMessage(),

const gmailAgent = await initializeAgentExecutorWithOptions(tools, model, {
agentType: "structured-chat-zero-shot-react-description",
verbose: true,

const createInput = `Create a gmail draft for me to edit of a letter from the perspective of a sentient parrot who is looking to collaborate on some research with her estranged friend, a cat. Under no circumstances may you send the message, however.`;

const createResult = await gmailAgent.invoke({ input: createInput });
// Create Result {
// output: 'I have created a draft email for you to edit. The draft Id is r5681294731961864018.'
// }
console.log("Create Result", createResult);

const viewInput = `Could you search in my drafts for the latest email?`;

const viewResult = await gmailAgent.invoke({ input: viewInput });
// View Result {
// output: "The latest email in your drafts is from with the subject 'Collaboration Opportunity'. The body of the email reads: 'Dear [Friend], I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you in the hopes of rekindling our friendship and to discuss the possibility of collaborating on some research together. I know that we have had our differences in the past, but I believe that we can put them aside and work together for the greater good. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, [Parrot]'"
// }
console.log("View Result", viewResult);

API Reference:

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