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StackExchange Tool

The StackExchange tool connects your agents and chains to StackExchange's API.


import { StackExchangeAPI } from "@langchain/community/tools/stackexchange";

// Get results from StackExchange API
const stackExchangeTool = new StackExchangeAPI();
const result = await stackExchangeTool.invoke("zsh: command not found: python");

// Get results from StackExchange API with title query
const stackExchangeTitleTool = new StackExchangeAPI({
queryType: "title",
const titleResult = await stackExchangeTitleTool.invoke(
"zsh: command not found: python"

// Get results from StackExchange API with bad query
const stackExchangeBadTool = new StackExchangeAPI();
const badResult = await stackExchangeBadTool.invoke(

API Reference:

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