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Voy is a WASM vector similarity search engine written in Rust. It's supported in non-Node environments like browsers. You can use Voy as a vector store with LangChain.js.

Install Voy

npm install @langchain/openai voy-search @langchain/community


import { VoyVectorStore } from "@langchain/community/vectorstores/voy";
import { Voy as VoyClient } from "voy-search";
import { OpenAIEmbeddings } from "@langchain/openai";
import { Document } from "@langchain/core/documents";

// Create Voy client using the library.
const voyClient = new VoyClient();
// Create embeddings
const embeddings = new OpenAIEmbeddings();
// Create the Voy store.
const store = new VoyVectorStore(voyClient, embeddings);

// Add two documents with some metadata.
await store.addDocuments([
new Document({
pageContent: "How has life been treating you?",
metadata: {
foo: "Mike",
new Document({
pageContent: "And I took it personally...",
metadata: {
foo: "Testing",

const model = new OpenAIEmbeddings();
const query = await model.embedQuery("And I took it personally");

// Perform a similarity search.
const resultsWithScore = await store.similaritySearchVectorWithScore(query, 1);

// Print the results.
console.log(JSON.stringify(resultsWithScore, null, 2));
"pageContent": "And I took it personally...",
"metadata": {
"foo": "Testing"

API Reference:

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