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Migration guide: 0.0 -> 0.1

If you're still using the pre 0.1 version of LangChain, but want to upgrade to the latest version, we've created a script that can handle almost every aspect of the migration for you.

At a high level, the changes from 0.0 to 0.1 are new packages and import path updates. We've done our best to keep all core code functionality the same, so migrating can be as painless as possible.

In simple terms, this script will scan your TypeScript codebase for any imports from langchain/*, and if it finds imports which have been moved in 0.1, it'll automatically update the import paths for you.

The new packages it checks for are:

  • @langchain/core
  • @langchain/community
  • @langchain/openai
  • @langchain/cohere
  • @langchain/pinecone

Some of these integration packages (not core or community) do have breaking changes. If you'd like to opt out of updating to those modules, you may pass in the skipCheck arg with a list of modules you'd like to ignore.

For example, @langchain/cohere bumps to the new Cohere SDK version. If you do not wish to upgrade, it will instead update your cohere imports to the @langchain/community package which still contains the previous version of the Cohere SDK.

The example below demonstrates how to run the migration script, checking all new packages.


Install the new packages.

Install the scripts package to import the migration script:

npm install @langchain/scripts

Then, install any integration packages you'd like to use:

npm install @langchain/core @langchain/community @langchain/openai @langchain/cohere @langchain/pinecone

Then, run the migration code as seen below.

import { updateEntrypointsFrom0_0_xTo0_1_x } from "@langchain/scripts/migrations";

await updateEntrypointsFrom0_0_xTo0_1_x({
// Path to the local langchainjs repository
localLangChainPath: "/Users/my-profile/langchainjs",
// Path to the repository where the migration should be applied
codePath: "/Users/my-profile/langchainjs-project",

API Reference:

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