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In this guide we'll go over the basic ways to create a Q&A chain and agent over a SQL database. These systems will allow us to ask a question about the data in a SQL database and get back a natural language answer. The main difference between the two is that our agent can query the database in a loop as many time as it needs to answer the question.

⚠️ Security note ⚠️

Building Q&A systems of SQL databases can require executing model-generated SQL queries. There are inherent risks in doing this. Make sure that your database connection permissions are always scoped as narrowly as possible for your chain/agent's needs. This will mitigate though not eliminate the risks of building a model-driven system. For more on general security best practices, see here.


At a high-level, the steps of most SQL chain and agent are:

  1. Convert question to SQL query: Model converts user input to a SQL query.
  2. Execute SQL query: Execute the SQL query
  3. Answer the question: Model responds to user input using the query results.

SQL Use Case Diagram


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