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XML Agent


This is a legacy chain, it is not recommended for use. Instead, see docs for the LCEL version.

Some language models (like Anthropic's Claude) are particularly good at reasoning/writing XML. The below example shows how to use an agent that uses XML when prompting.

npm install @langchain/anthropic
import { TavilySearchResults } from "@langchain/community/tools/tavily_search";
import { AgentExecutor, createXmlAgent } from "langchain/agents";
import { pull } from "langchain/hub";
import type { PromptTemplate } from "@langchain/core/prompts";

import { ChatAnthropic } from "@langchain/anthropic";

// Define the tools the agent will have access to.
const tools = [new TavilySearchResults({ maxResults: 1 })];

// Get the prompt to use - you can modify this!
// If you want to see the prompt in full, you can at:
const prompt = await pull<PromptTemplate>("hwchase17/xml-agent-convo");

const llm = new ChatAnthropic({
model: "claude-3-opus-20240229",
temperature: 0,

const agent = await createXmlAgent({

const agentExecutor = new AgentExecutor({

const result = await agentExecutor.invoke({
input: "what is LangChain?",


const result2 = await agentExecutor.invoke({
input: "what's my name?",
// Notice that chat_history is a string, since this prompt is aimed at LLMs, not chat models
chat_history: "Human: Hi! My name is Cob\nAI: Hello Cob! Nice to meet you",


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